Barcode to RFID in One Second

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  • TS100A works as the standalone encoder, connects to a barcode scanner.
  • No need to require a PC and software in the process of encoding.
  • With simple automatic related equipment like conveyor, it’s easy to convert barcode data to UHF tag automatically.

How it works 

Solutions for System Integrators

System integration is like putting a puzzle together.
It will help if you have better tools for a simplified approach. Our solution provides:


No software is required.
Output precisely the same barcode data, without additional software.

Seamless Converting

No expensive infrastructure updates. Get powered and then you can already start encoding.


Scan UHF will yield the
same result as barcode.

Support All Barcode Types 

Upgrade barcode to RFID/AIDC with your original system,
no significant change, no expensive infrastructure upgrades.


Build a pilot site FAST with the lowest setup cost, reasons why our customers choose us.

Unify RFID/AIDC Data Process

Easy to deploy. Automated infrastructure for reading RFID data. Get speed time-to-insight from data.

Rapidly Expand Ecosystem

Streamline connectivity, data transformation, and process orchestration to single management with thoughtful RFID reader designs.

Transform Business

Re-platform the client's current system for better customer experience, and speed up deployment of your other IT services.


In sectors where RFID/AIDC sees rapid growth, our solution can help.


Loss prevention with improved inventory management and stock visibility. Real-time data for better customer experience.

Factory Automation

Automate manufacturing processes and gain better control of production.

Healthcare / Medical

RFID/AIDC technology helps healthcare to automate replenishment and billing and enhance supply chain management.

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